/ 31


A 450,000 SF Adaptive Re-Use MultiFamily Project on Brooks City Base in San Antonio Texas. 3 existing concrete buildings which were military barracks & 4 new buildings will house a total of 280 living units for future leasing. The site will also convert a 8,000 SF mess-hall into a community center with gym, game room, media room, offices, and outdoor patio space.


On the Boards

San Augustine Residence     West 49.5 St. Residence         Clawson St. DU-PLX(S)         Enfield Condos            

/ 26
Lake House

Lake House

A single family residence situated on Lake Waxahachie, Tx. This house Investigates site, climate, lifestyle, and the juxtaposition of old and new materials.

/ 29
Docs Motorworks Houston

Doc’s Bar & Grill

Austin’s local bar and grill decided to expand to Houston on Westheimer Road. This was an existing Wendy’s fast-food building that was deconstructed and expanded to house Doc’s new location. 71 beers on tap, inside seating with roll-up doors, and plenty of exterior deck seating paralleled with Doc’s personality has proven to be another great place to hang.

/ 47

Levander Office Rennovation

Levander Office Rennovation transforms an unused lighting warehouse into a co-working space and bar for 140 members to work and socialize. Whether members apply as individuals or in teams, the creative space facilitates a shared interdisciplinary professional space for thinking and networking.

/ 41
Marfa Walls_Rendering_Aerial

Marfa Walls

COMPETITION BRIEF As tourism increases in Marfa, the availability of housing for full-time residents has the potential to become even more limited as the attractiveness of vacation rentals and part-time residences remove inventory from the market. The objectives of the Competition are to: Encourage multi-family housing projects Consider housing as an urgent and basic component […]

/ 30
Johanna Duplex

Johanna DU-PLX

This 78704 urban infill investigates Austin’s code on duplex common walls, offering a dynamic solution to the impediment imposed by the regulation.

/ 27

Annie DU-PLX

Another duplex urban infill in 78704 that’s complete and sitting well on it’s site. Each Unit has 2 beds, 2.5 baths, with private yards & parking ALSO has completely different floor plans. Celebrating the dynamics of the corner lot the floor plan shifts to own views to the city, street, or private courtyards.

/ 28

E 6th Hotel

A 45 room boutique hotel located on East 6th Street. The hotel had public and private amenities such as bar, pool, grab-n-go food, as well as a flex space for events. The built structure was(realized through the city of Austin building permitting but not built)

/ 25

Lone Star Brewery

Begun as a design competition in 2008, the Lone Star Brewery in San Antonio and includes over 450,000 square feet of adaptive reuse space for residential, office, retail, and restaurant.

/ 23

Spark Fitness

A 14,000 SF gym located downtown Austin in the Gables Park Plaza.

/ 22

Lyons DU-PLX(S)

A double lot duplex project in East Austin that focused on functionality and budget. Each Du-Plx is a 2 bed 2.5 bath with office and has exterior space that promote private and social gathering.

/ 21

Art Installation

mark (odom) studio is a design oriented office that takes an interest in the parallelism between art and architecture.  Believing that every project generates its own set of specifics, our approach must be free of preconceived ideas with every response reinforcing site, materials, movement, and existence. 

/ 20

Marble Falls Lake House

We call this the “telescope house” because it lifts the dwelling up beyond the treeline and perfectly frames the views of Lake Marble Falls.

/ 19

RiverMills Condo, New Braunfels

A 42-unit condo that takes advantage of the natural environment and landscape. Tucked in the hillside adjacent to the Guadalupe River, each unit has a picturesque river view.

/ 18

Stacy Lane DU-PLX

Our first venture into residential development. Although the City of Austin has tried to curtail the creation of new duplex development, the Stacy Lane DU-PLX creates a very dynamic, site appropriate, and green solution to the city’s new moratorium residential code.

/ 17


A single-family urban infill home inspired by the energy and aesthetics of its surroundings. The building’s function and atypical site parameters helped to generate the building form. This five-star rated green building home features a commissioned graffiti wall by Nate Nordstrom (aka Sloke).

/ 16

Underground Games

As a new business venture, Underground Games wanted to create a dynamic gaming environment with options for public gaming competitions as well as secluded gaming spaces.

/ 15

Active Shooter

An unfortunate series of real life occurrences (high school shooting incidents) has triggered a level of police protection training that has yet to be developed.

/ 14

Hurd Loft

An interior loft finish-out in Dallas, Texas: this project was an exercise in furniture selection and layout, natural and artificial lighting, color, texture, and creating an open floor plan with moderate separation.

/ 13


The “kitchen” has repeatedly served as the center point of residential design in the modern house. It can be rendered in many different fashions, materials, or styles but continuously serves as the gathering place during private and social functions.

/ 12

Swanee 21 Condo

A condo in north Austin with 21 individual floor plans. The unique opportunity was developing the second level open-air interior courtyard. The building form skews 7 degrees to create an undulating third level rotation that references the dense cityscape of Florence, Italy.

/ 11

Umlauf Sculpture Garden

In September of 2008 we were asked to give a lecture of choice for the Monthly Lecture Series at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden and Museum in Austin Texas. The lecture was titled “Finding Space.”

/ 10

Lewis Lane

A higher-end urban infill in central Austin that allowed us to utilize three adjacent lots. The exploration focused on the relationship of building structure, continuation of materials, and the private courtyard. The building forms create a comfortable environment, allowing social interaction and privacy, where appropriate.

/ 9

Graffiti As Logo

Jett Butler writes for MarkOdomStudio.com about how FÖDA developed portions of Mark Odom Studio’s brand identity.

/ 8

Graffiti Studies

The intriguing qualities of graffiti art is that it is dynamic in form, it can be applied to all surfaces that fold / bend / break / textural / uneven, and most interestingly has a code of conduct within the graffiti class.

/ 7


business in front and party in back.  Heather Street was an infill duplex conversion and an exercise in mixing old with new. The existing house on Heather Street, 1945 cottage home, (now unit A) had been recently updated and was not included in our scope of work.

/ 6


Detailing can be compared to a signature stroke of an artist’s paint brush; understanding how materials connect in a poetic and balanced manner will always be an attainable goal.

/ 5

Bicycle Sport Shop

An exercise in interior design, the Bicycle Sport Shop’s project scope involved store planning, interior re-design, and a juice bar for the Bicycle Sport Shop on South Lamar.

/ 4

Ellis County Children’s Advocacy Center

This counseling center for abused children was a pro-bono project for the city of Waxahachie, Texas (Mark’s home town). Stylistically, this was an atypical project for the studio, but the experience of working with the Ellis County community, coupled with the tremendous need for the center, greatly outweighed all individual ambitions.

/ 3

South Second

A modern duplex in south central Austin that creates a relationship between interior and exterior. With an open floor plan, each room offers a view of an inner courtyard or tree canopy beyond.

/ 2

620 Cedar

An urban infill duplex in central Austin that explores connection, cost efficient materials, and efficiency of space.

/ 1


An urban infill duplex in central Austin that explores connection, cost efficient materials, and efficiency of space.