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Active Shooter

An unfortunate series of real life occurrences (high school shooting incidents) has triggered a level of police protection training that has yet to be developed.

Mark (Odom) Studio was contacted by a private organization to propose ideas of how high schools might be developed from a planning and massing standpoint in the near future. The final product, which was planned to be a 3-D virtual model, was to be developed further by programmers and used as a virtual training program for special agents.

m(ødm) collaborated with FÖDA Studio in hopes of developing a strong idea of our spatial / architectural planning coupled with their solid presentation and 3-D graphics. Due to the like-mindedness of both studios, the collaboration of ideas proved to be successful.

This was an interesting exercise in that it had no real program or specific site. Ideas were based on past experiences, observations, and future anticipation. We developed a program which included the following; site plan, bus and vehicular entry to the site, parking, track & field stadium, detached buildings for alternative use, classrooms, offices, auditoriums, exterior / interior common space, and hallway connections. We also developed ideas of massing and how natural light might enter the building in various locations.

This was an interesting exercise that sparked the creative possibilities of future schools; however the reason for development is certainly not how we wish to generate work.