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Art Installation

mark (odom) studio is a design oriented office that takes an interest in the parallelism between art and architecture.  Believing that every project generates its own set of specifics, our approach must be free of preconceived ideas with every response reinforcing site, materials, movement, and existence. The studio pursues any project willing to place a value on exploration beyond our standard moments.  We are continuously looking for a balanced orchestra between the controlled elegance of clean lines and the energy of chaos.

Wikipedia defines ART INSTALLATION as “an artistic genre of site-specific, three-dimensional works designed to transform the perception of a space”; my interest is to challenge space perception and create a general curiosity evolving around existence.  Our architectural work constantly strives for a parallelism between installation art and functionality of user by carefully balancing each element.  The south first bridge installation hinges on this fascination of built form, altering space, and posing the question of existence.

The south first bridge installation hinges on a CONCEPTUAL fascination and methodology behind the majority of our architectural and artistic moves; finding opportunity that balances the equilibrium between clean lines and chaos.  The existing bridge structure, with its rigid grey lines, of South 1st footbridge offers a perfect moment for intervention: an intervention that offers a disconnect from existing monotony where color, kinetics, and spatial perception are altered creating a moment of opportunity.

The CONSTRUCTION of the south first bridge install will be an exercise in simple tension, pivoting, and fixed connections; the structure will be sound and secure for the common public to experience   We will build a series of joined ribs (lumber of similar dimensions both found and store bought) connected by a plane of horizontal ½ inch rubber tubes.  The ribbed frame will be painted orange to create a 30 feet long rhythmic intervention in the direction of the bridge.  Each individual painted wood rib will be spaced from its counterpart every 18, 24, and/or 30 inch increments to allow the rhythm to take motion and to create density. Each painted rib will attach itself at the (west) railing-base of the foot bridge by means of a pinned thru-bolt connection and metal hurricane strap. The rib will then span over and across the footbridge by a hinged bolted connection and reattach itself to the street-level sidewalk railing by means of fixed metal hurricane straps.  The ½” rubber tubing will run horizontally along the length of the bridge piercing through each wood member referencing the motion of bridge and creating rhythmic pattern of shadows on the bridges surface.  The rubber tubes will span through each rib and will be grouped together in random order creating a horizontal plane of random order.

LOCATION of the installation is preferably on the lower foot-bridge section of the south 1st bridge.  The location would allow the most opportunity to experience the installation, both physically and visually, from all levels of the bridge with an added view from the shoreline.  The intension is to experience the installation by walking through the rhythmic ribs on the lower level while visually experiencing the installation from shore and street level.

Through the assemblage of form, space, material, and light we hope to leave our user with an unexpected assemblage that excites the senses.  We appreciate the opportunity and are enthusiastic about making this proposed installation a reality.