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Graffiti Studies

The intriguing qualities of graffiti art is that it is dynamic in form, it can be applied to all surfaces that fold / bend / break / textural / uneven, and most interestingly has a code of conduct within the graffiti class.

We’ve always been interested in blurring the lines between art and architecture. A passion for urban infill, unused urban land and the temporary nature of urban art created an unavoidable fate between m(odm) and local graffiti artist Nate Nordstrom (aka SLOKE).

Trying hard to establish a business identity with a small office we chose graffiti on the front face of our building to beckon attention from the masses—it worked. After a few meetings and BBQ sandwiches, Nate agreed to paint our wall and spent an afternoon and a few spontaneous gestures with the spray can to complete our buildings identity.

Our fascination of graffiti grew even further, making its way into the studio’s logo identity. FÖDA Studio took the undeveloped idea, researched, and came up with a strong argument that beautifully diagramed the parallelisms between graffiti art and the direction of our work. FÖDA went through several graphic examples of how this dynamic art could exist with the clean lines of modernism—ideas that closely relate to how we think about and approach design.

With the positive outcome from Nate’s work on the exterior of our building the opportunity to collaborate with Nate presented itself again on a local eastside residential project: Rosewood/Graffiti House. Located two miles east of downtown the site was an unused lot on a busy street front with years of trash scattered about. As a transitional neighborhood the practice of professional graffiti urban art was happening on every other block; there seemed to be a pattern language as you approached the site. The panel installation seemed appropriate with the 8 foot wide by 20 foot high graffiti install again helped solidify the identity of a place. There were numerous compliments of approval from neighbors and local pedestrians.

We hope that the collaboration between our studio and local artists continues forward creating new opportunities for design within the built world.