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West 49 1/2 Street—

Austin, TX / Residential, Single-family

As a single-family residence on the busy corner of BullCreek and 49 1/2 street, our main priority was privacy. The design ensures that all interior courtyards and private spaces are secure from noise and unseeable from adjacent streets, yet allows for an exterior yard that is functional enough to accommodate a whole family.

Currently under construction...
To be completed in Summer, 2018

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There’s a seamless connection between the interior and exterior of the home: each room has a balcony or window overlooking the private landscaped yard; the downstairs living room and kitchen have large, sliding doors that open up directly to the outside; and all of the upstairs bedrooms connect via a continuous exterior balcony.

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Purposefully minimal, our efficiently planned out spaces and simple volumes emphasize framed views to the outside while small, seemingly leftover spaces became opportunities to be highlighted and made functional throughout the house

Project Team—

Architecture: Mark Odom Studio   

Builder: Milestone Builders

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