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Birds Barbershop / 183—

Austin, TX / Retail, Barbershop

When the owners of Birds Barbershop were searching for an architect to bring a higher level of expression to their brand through design, they turned to Mark Odom Studio. 

Inside the chic space, sunlight bathes over graphically painted walls featuring black and white linear patterns and bold pops of color that abstractly hint at a circuit board and wires. Like each of Birds Barbershop's six locations, the new 1,100-square-foot North Austin shop strives to be as unique as the concept behind the hip, Austin-based chain where high-quality, affordable haircuts don't require an appointment but come with free Shiner beer.

2016 / Featured in San Antonio Austin Urban Home

/ 01

"Our first priority was to create a more standardized approach to design and documentation for their new shops while maintaining the urban and artistic identity they're known for. Our goal was to understand their methods, harness the creative ideas, elevate quality and produce concise design concepts that their clientele would soon associate with Birds Barbershop, even as those ideas evolved over time with new stores."

— Mark Odom
Principal, Founder

/ 02
Beginning the process with a roundtable discussion to come up with a concept that would fit in with the North Austin shop's neighborhood, home to numerous tech companies and campuses, and appeal to its future clientele, the decision was made to center the design around technology.

It didn't take long for a creative client-design collaboration to take shape, with both parties working side by side to come up with an interior space that married art, architecture and function. As ideas and inspiration evolved throughout the process, Mark Odom Studio's job was to simply listen and edit.

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"The solution to design problems is not often about the designer but rather the product or environment which he or she is designing around,”

—Mark Odom


Project Team /

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Interiors: Mark Odom Studio with Joel Mozersky

Builder: Franklin Alan

Photography: Dror Baldinger

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