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Birds Barbershop / Domain—

Austin, TX / Retail, Barbershop

This Birds Barbershop is located within the Domain on Rock Rose, which is celebrated as a piece of Austin’s long-time local establishments all coming together to create their own individual, architectural statements on one section of streetscape. The assigned space was small and narrow, however, it presented a great opportunity to set itself apart visually and spatially from every other shop on the street.

2017 / Featured in Dwell

/ 01
With only an 18-foot wide storefront to work with, we chose to wrap the entire exterior facade in artificial turf, which played well with our chosen “Preppy Yard Game” theme and made a graphic impact compared to the other storefronts.

/ 02
The interior was just wide enough to space plan a center aisle with barber chairs on both sides, while having fun with interior color, wallpaper, yard game props and lighting.
/ 03
Functionally, the finished project provided the efficiency needed for the stylists, as well as maintained Birds Barbershop’s identity and playfulness of urban streetscape and art.

Project Team—

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Interiors: Mark Odom Studio / Joel Mozersky

Art Design: Phillip Niemeyer
Builder: Franklin Alan

Photography: Andrea Calo

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