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Barkitecture / 2016—

Austin, TX

We approached the design with the idea that a doghouse could be both multi-functional and interactive. The playful form appears to grow from the natural landscape with the dog’s space underneath much like a burrow tucked into the hillside with options to climb, lounge, lean, jump and live. The forms configure to be a fête-á-tête bench (a.k.a. courting or conversation bench), two separate chairs or one long lounge chair.

The steel frame provides a sturdy structure that can hold up under the rambunctious play of kids, dogs and adults. The steel has been oiled to protect from the elements and will eventually age with a beautiful patina.

Material juxtaposition: artificial turf, raw steel and  persimmon plywood

tete-a-tete configuration
single lounge chair arrangement

Project Team—

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Builder: Mark Odom Studio & Brandon Ariel

Photographer: Emerson Walter

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