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Duval Duplex—

Austin, TX / Residential

Built on a small lot with large trees, this residential infill project offered our studio the opportunity to creatively reinterpret the idea of connection between duplexes. Rather than sharing walls, an aluminum tube connects the two units and functions as a way to feed gas and electrical lines between the units efficiently. Each home has a unique floor plan designed specifically around yard, tree and view, creating individual moments for each future resident.

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Each unit was designed just under 1400-square-feet, providing all the typical conveniences of a large home but with the efficiencies of a smaller unit. 

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Interior rooms were designed with large windows that shed natural light at every moment of the day and act as natural room extenders to the landscape outside.

Materials were affordable, durable and functional for both their purpose and future resident.

Project Team /

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Interiors: Mark Odom Studio
Landscape: Mark Odom Studio

Developer: Metrohouse

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