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Generator Athlete Lab—

Seaholm Power Plant, Austin, TX / Training and Recovery Studio

Designing Generator Athlete lab in the historic Seaholm Power Plant was a compelling project. Spatially fitting both recovery and athletic training into the space while maintaining the integrity of a healthy atmosphere proved a fun, yet strategic process. The use of natural light, both direct and indirect, was a huge tool for separating public and private spaces, while simultaneously connecting each space back to its historic site.

Nestled in the perimeter of the larger power plant, the historic location was a tremendous host to such an intimate project. Generator Athlete Lab took advantage of the existing concrete and steel palette while incorporating ways to use the brand’s signature orange and pops of white. The result; specialized spaces for group training, individual performance reviews, expert recovery, and restful reflection.


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Combining training with recovery efficiently 

Through strategic moves with visibility, connectivity, and color, this small space aims to have a big impact on the fitness community it serves.

Project Team—

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Interiors: Mark Odom Studio

Photographer: Leonid Furmansky

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