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Johanna DU-PLX—

Austin, TX / Residential

As an urban infill project in Austin, TX, we explored the formal arrangement of the duplex typology while being sensitive to the residents’ physical and visual privacy. Given the limited allowable square footage per unit, our goal was to design each space as efficiently as possible and for multiple functions. Every square foot of interior  space was carefully considered with economic, local material choices, while also making a direct  connection with the exterior context.

The effect of living in this home has been described as a “simple, thoughtful, totally authentic living experience.”

2017 / Featured in Austin Home Magazine, Summer

/ 2016
“[Odom] put an extraordinary amount of thoughtful attention to a design that ensures privacy between two dwellings.

The light moves through the house smoothly, never flooding any one room too much or too little‚ it’s just right.”

—Resident, Lisa Braunberg
Austin Home Magazine

Project Team /

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Builder: Owner

Photography: Topher Ayrhart

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