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Torchy’s Tacos—

College Station, TX / Restaurant

This project was an adaptive reuse of an existing restaurant in College Station, Texas (Torchy's Tacos first store in the region). Our work called for a complete renovation and repurposing of both the exterior and interior of the existing building.

Reflective pavement markers were creatively
repurposed to create graphic wall textures throughout
the interior and exterior.

/ 01
To transform the space into an engaging, on-brand, Torchy’s environment that could cater to all generations, our team focused on efficient space planning and fluid indoor/outdoor seating.

/ 02
While being situated on a busy college avenue could be a negative, we embraced it as an opportunity to create a vibrant, street-facing vertical trellis could act as both excellent signage as well as a privacy screen for outdoor seating.

/ 03
Each seating area was designed with subtle differences to invite customers to explore a new place to sit with each visit.

Project Team— 

Architect: Mark Odom Studio
Interiors: Mark Odom Studio

Marcel Erminy

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